Piotr Klejment - Technosoul .01.5 Ltd.

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  1. The first release is produced by Piotr Klejment – member of Technosoul, previously known as and Dj Ninja. Opening the EP is the titular track – ''” is a dancefloor oriented track, with subtle nods towards Jeff Mills in his early Axis vein. ''Black March'' hits it deeper, with its post-acidish vibe, sounding bit like remnants of.
  2. Over half a year has passed since the release of Piotr Klejment’s Technosoul – now, with its 4th release, the Poland-based techno label is back with vengeance. Technosoul comes from Blazej Malinowski, who has previously released on Swedish Phorma .
  3. Technosoul. Tai patinka 10 žmonėms · 2 kalba apie tai. Where we're from the birds sing a pretty song and there's always music in the air. Pereiti prie. Puslapio skiltys. Prieinamumo pagalba. Technosoul Ltd. Piotr Klejment (inc. Echoplex Remix) [May ].
  4. RA: Resident Advisor. Wed, 20 Aug 11 comments. New Polish label Technosoul launches. Its first release comes from a member of the crew, Piotr Klejment, and has Perc and Sleeparchive on .

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